The Lowest Price Conundrum



Everyone knows that low prices are awesome.  They’re exciting, they get the blood pumping, thinking of all the extra things we can buy or save for when we don’t spend that extra $20.  Like pizza.  Or maybe they release us of our guilt of buying something we don’t really need in the first place.


Either way, everyone loves low prices.




Well, that may be true for some, but honestly, I think you’re here, because you feel differently.  Maybe you’re the one who likes to buy the pricier pair of jeans, because you know they won’t wear a hole in the knee in just a couple months.  Or you feel safer putting the future of your car in the hands of a more expensive, but more trustworthy mechanic, rather than the cheapest guy in town.  Or you choose the professional window cleaner with a beard and a dynamic blue polo, because you don’t want your husband to climb the ladder and do it himself, or risk a Rupert Puddles breaking your glass with a red-tip pressure washer (seriously, if you haven’t already, you should look him up on Facebook!  He is so funny, and represents everything you don’t want in a service provider!)


And while we understand that our services are not for everyone, we also know that there are many of you who feel more secure with a competent professional who values your property and your time, and is committed to your satisfaction.  And here are 8 reasons why we have chosen to serve you without the “lowest prices” promise.


1. We have time to get the job done right.


You don’t want your home treated as an afterthought.  Many companies that charge less money are forced to fill their day with massive volume of homes in order to make ends meet, and considering we’re insanely committed to providing an excellent experience every single time, we must allow for the time to follow through with quality work.  Rather than rushing through our job, I can take the time to get it right, can afford the time to be clear to the customer about any expectations, and can amend any mistakes you do happen to catch right then, instead of having to put you on a waiting list because I’m overbooked just so we can afford rent.



2. We have time to build a relationship with our customer.


If you’re anything like me, meeting new people can make the world so much more interesting.  Building customer relationships is important to Amanda and me, and we suspect is important to you as well.  Having conversations that go a little deeper than “What are you up to this weekend,” and “Boy, that sun sure is hot,” are some of the absolute joys of being interacting humans!  However, should I have to simply slip you an invoice and be on my way, the potential for relationship building would be out the proverbial window.  I would just be another guy with a cap and squeegee, Amanda would just be another voice over the phone, and you would just be another paycheck.



3. We have the resources to create an exceptionally professional experience.


Consistent professionalism is a rarity nowadays.  There are so many people who don’t want to work hard, and who don’t put much thought into what it entails to be a True Professional.  From the time we answer the phone, to the time I pull punctually into your driveway, to the final invoice and follow up, we work to be clear, committed, and consistently professional, so that your time with our service is not only productive, it is our hope that we can contribute a little extra brightness to your day through your positive experience with us!



4. We will be able to pay our future employees a liveable wage.


Have you ever hired a charismatic boss, only to find that the employees were disengaged and rude?  Unfortunately, it is all too common for an employee to be promised room to grow with their growing needs, and then have that promise fall flat because the owner of the business cannot afford to give them the raises they need and deserve.  This is not the only reason that an employee may become disengaged, even sometimes to the point of sabotage, but it is a problem.

We don’t want to be that business.  We don’t want to be the bosses that can’t—or are too afraid to—invest in our employees.  What kind of soul-sucking company would we be if we encouraged our customers to live life to its most spectacular, but our employees were trapped back in that same old zombie-like survival mode we were stuck in just a little while ago?  Ugh!



5. We will be able to ensure the professionalism and competency of our future employees.


Besides giving our employees room to grow, they will be hand-picked and well-vetted, because the fact that we can pay them means that we (most likely) won’t have the problem of turnover, causing us to scroll through Craigslist and newspaper classifieds in a desperate attempt to replace a bunch of kids with slacker mentalities, one after another.



6. We are able to give more.


We know what it’s like to be in need, and we have beautiful testimonies about how our friends, family, and even anonymous strangers, have reached out and blessed us with gifts that have helped us and encouraged us.  We are absolutely committed to steward all of our current blessings wisely and give back time and money to our community and organizations we believe in.



7. We are able to live more.


From finally hitting the Mountain Berry Bowls stand, to letting little Asa practice walking on the trail of Ceders, we are going to make up for lost time, practice what we preach, and invest in some family adventures of our own!



8. We would never truly be the “Lowest Price.”


A friend of ours has told a story about how a lawn care provider he knew was replaced by someone who was charging 50 cents less than him.  And so, while sacrificing the architecture of our business of creating an excellent customer experience, we would never be able to actually guarantee that we would be the lowest price, only that we wouldn’t be the highest.  And to us, it’s just not worth it.